Benjamin de Rothschild

Le vin est un art de vivre

Baron Edmond de Rothschild, father of Benjamin de Rothschild, created the Compagnie Vinicole in 1973 with the acquisition of Château Clarke, a little known Cru Bourgeois estate within the Listrac-Médoc appellation. Convinced of the extraordinary properties of this soil, he dedicated body and soul to turning it into the most outstanding estate in the region. Benjamin de Rothschild focused on increasing the international presence of the Compagnie Vinicole, developing the highest quality foreign terroirs, lured by the promise of exceptional adventures, new worlds to be explored and excellent wines to be made. He resorted to the age-old practices of local cultures, combining them with traditional French experience. The Compagnie Vinicole has been present in South Africa since 1997 as Rupert & Rothschild Vignerons, in collaboration with the Rupert family; in Argentina, since 1999, with Flechas de Los Andes, in collaboration with Laurent Dassault; and, in New Zealand, since 2012, with Rimapere.

In 2004 the Barons de Rothschild created Macán, in La Rioja, in collaboration with Pablo Álvarez, president of the emblematic Spanish winery Vega Sicilia.

Edmond de Rothschild Heritage

The legacy of a dynasty that is an exponent of all things epicurean.


The transformation of long-forgotten vineyards into wineries of unmatched reputation.

The art of living

The creation of a mass of treasured knowledge to be protected and passed on to the generations to come.


Macán shares the DNA of Edmond de Rothschild Heritage, its audacity and the art and respect for artisanship and the environment.

"Winemaking is an action rooted in the esthetic. With undeniable elegance and beauty at its core."

Ariane de Rothschild