The Area of San Millán. Camino de los Caños.

Our Winery is located in a privileged area, with spectacular views of the sierra de Cantabria to the north and the valley of the river Ebro to the south, with the towns of Samaniego and Leza set against the backdrop of the Sierra de Ezcaray.

0m2 Estate
0m2 Built-up area
0m2 Landscaped gardens and service areas
0 Bottles per year
70 %
Electricity saving
30 %
Greenhouse gas emission reduction
75 %
Waste reduction
12 %
Water saving


A building that seamlessly blends in with the topography and landscape of the area.

Designed by the Spanish architect Enrique Johansson de Terry, the winery's architecture reflects the core concept of respect and awareness of the natural environment, built on four floors with a height between each one of almost 13 meters, thus adapting to the natural slope of the land. The winemaking process is therefore based on gravity.

Its outer image shows three separate structures, although they are connected with each other via a glass-covered horizontal section allowing for the landscape to be an everpresent feature, both from within and without.
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Water Building

Designed to receive the grapes and keep them in 45 vats of 10,000 liters of oak and stainless steel. The last floor of the building, underground, is where the wine is barrel-aged.

Land Buildingv

Used for aging, it houses the homogenization and bottle-aging processes.

Sun Building

The last stage, dispatch. This building also houses the main offices.


At the services of the renewed version of tradition represented by Macán.


A firm commitment in terms of reducing consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and electricity use.


The winery is fitted with solar panels and uses biomass to meet its energy requirements.

Natural ventilation

The ceiling, in the shape of a wave, protects the structures from the winds blowing in the valley and creates a system of natural ventilation.

Landscaped gardens

A spectacular garden spread over 3 hectares including a protected holm oak grove, along with pines, oaks, pear trees, strawberry trees, evergreens, meadows, rose bushes, vines and aromatic herbs.